Bits and bobs #3

Here are some things that happened recently (my definition of “recently” being fairly loose…).

1. The whole lab went to a conference at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, which is a research institute located in an idyllic bay on Long Island. CSHL also publish my favourite journal. This was early October, so still kind of warm and beautiful. We saw lots of SCIENCE and chatted with people and drank some beers and went swimming in the harbour and danced to terrible pop music and took terrifying photos for the lab webpage:


2. I started work on a new afghan, and of course the first afghan is still in progress but starting a new project is SO FUN.



3. I saw Lawrence Arabia live in Cambridge at the Middle East Upstairs. It was so lovely! Made me miss Aotearoa a lot. Had a yarn with them afterwards, they’re nice folks.

4. HRCM sang a pretty concert on November 3rd, and so many wonderful friends came along, it still gives me warm fuzzies that they made the effort to come and share our love of singing. Or maybe it’s because we’re all so thin and popular…


❤ with other HRCM singers Miranda and Darrick. Photo credit Ariana Baurley.

5. Lab holiday party last weekend! So of course we tried to set ourselves on fire…

6. Thanksgiving with some of my USian family up in Boxford, Mass. It was so lovely, despite my immune system relaxing and letting me get sniffly. But there was lots of amazing food and scotch and wine, and we went birding the day after the meal, so I had a marvelous time with Bob and Ellen. So nice to get out of Boston for a wee while. No photos, sorry! I forgot to charge my camera battery, boo.

7. I have also decided to do another open mic night, this time solo. Aiming for next week, which seems terribly soon and scary and I may still change my mind. Ha.

Whanau who I haven’t skyped in a while (I’m thinking The Jones Mob, specifically…), LET’S TALK SOON I MISS YOU!

Coming up soon: Party at my apartment! My first Extalab project might get submitted for publication in 2012! I’m going back to London! K-Sco and I might even make it over to the continent for a few days! I’ll start my actual for realsies PhD project! Updates posted here when I’ve finished recklessly editing all my photos in Photoshop to make them look like my life is more hipster and fashionable than it really is!



Singing in Cambridge and NYC

A couple of friends and I performed at an open mic night at the end of last semester. Here’s a clip from our performance. On the right are Anne and Marie – we met at the graduate student choir and decided to do an open mic night before Marie finished her course and moved back to France. We were all so busy with school schedules that we didn’t get to practice together until the afternoon right before this open mic night, but I think it went well nevertheless.

In other news, I’m singing with the Harvard Radcliffe Collegium Musicum tonight at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.