So many months

…without a post.

I took today off work to recover from a cold, and my day in bed was spent being completely lazy. Which I guess was the point. Anyway, I came here and read through a few of my old draft posts that never got published on this blog, and let me tell you, there are good reasons I never hit “Publish” on those bad boys. But, because I’d totally forgotten about all of them, I find them utterly hilarious.

One of them was clearly written at 4 am some time, and all it says is: “I was just woken by the most terrifyingly loud thunderclap I’ve ever heard in my life”.

Maybe after my trip back to Aotearoa this August I will be re-inspired to keep this blog alive for my family to see what’s up… but most of them (you?) are on Facebook, so sometimes I wonder what the point is.

I am undecided.


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