One year later

Oh, dear. How many times I have thought “I must write a new post immediately”, then decided that it should wait until my work was done. Of course, by the time I finish my work day the last thing I want to do is stare at my computer screen and squeeze some sensible words from my wrung-out brain. So, now I must resort to writing in the morning, before I head into the lab on this grey Sunday.

October has been a month of intense work, for me and many others. It started with a week-long conference and will end with the last frantic push to put together my year’s work for publication. I have been here over a year! It has flown by, but also so much has happened that it feels like an age. I’m happy to report that I am much more at peace than I was this time last year. The homesickness has mostly passed, I have my own space in a beautiful apartment, and the once fragile web of friends and colleagues has been fortified such that I now feel like a part of this place instead of a foreign transplant.

This summer I discovered my American family. Incredible, wonderful people who have welcomed me as kin because we share some distant Irish ancestor. I have many stories to mention, which are so numerous they must wait for their own posts. But for now I will just say that during the time I spent with them I finally started to understand the USA instead of being some alien observer making continual comparisons to home.

Experiments beckon, but I will write again soon.


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