Heat induced insomnia

I write this at a time when I ought to be sleeping, resting, dream-processing today, preparing for tomorrow. It is very hot in my bedroom (and not just because I’m in it, harhar). I regret forgoing the purchase of an air conditioning unit in favour of flights to DC next month. Although, I feel I may need the vacation more than I need an air conditioner. It’s hard to say. The heat this past week has been enough to halve my regular shut-eye, and I’m starting to lose my grip on reality. That could be an exaggeration (spoiler alert: it definitely is) – I am still firmly in the real world, but feeling increasingly unsettled.

Amping up on exercise this week (in an air conditioned gym, phew) in an effort to banish the insomnia, but so far no dice.

There is a lot of good stuff this past week though. New cross trainers in an extremely pleasing shade of aqua lifting my spirits. A few days ago I spent a very pleasant morning with my old high school principal, showing him around the lab and Harvard’s Museum of Natural History. Plus after over a week of trouble-shooting, I finally got an experiment to work today. I guess fourth time’s the charm.


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