Alica Caterina

The days go by in a blur of tubes, pipettes, papers, code, administration, sun, heat, music.

I am trying to generate scientific data but various technical issues set me back seemingly with every experiment. I suppose this is the reality of doing science, still it can be hard to keep motivation levels high in such a climate.

Musical activities are thin on the ground this summer. I practice drumming every day but it is clear that I’ve lost a lot of skill in the year that I did not own a kit. Back to the basic rudiments, training each limb individually, working on accuracy. I am listening to more music this summer though. Now that I have long stretches of bench work to do, I can pop my headphones in and inhabit new and old musical landscapes. Have been listening to HCRM’s Rachmaninov concert recording a lot. It is such an incredible piece of music.

I have a new pet crayfish, whose name graces the title of this post. It is the name she had when I acquired her from another owner, and I have no reason to change it. She does have a baby though, which I should name at some stage. I am unsure what to choose and would welcome suggestions!


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