Moving on.

After a long and busy semester, I had the pleasure of moving out of the dorm this week. While it was very very sad to say goodbye to some of the people there (some of whom are not returning to Cambridge, *sniff*), I was pretty happy to move into a real house again.

And moving into an unfurnished bedroom, I of course had to do a day trip to IKEA to buy a lot of shady quality, mass produced, flat-packed furniture. Accompanied by some lab peeps, I managed to get all of the things I wanted without having a nervous breakdown. IKEA has a reputation for being the scene of a large number of personal meltdowns in shoppers, and having now been there I can understand why. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a fairly easy store to navigate, and is laid out sensibly, but it’s just so HUGE, and when you’re buying a whole room of things and you can’t find that one storage box you’d noted down from the website and you keep getting distracted by picture frames and then everyone has split up and there’s no cellphone coverage so you have to wander around looking for them and where is that damn storage box anyway?!… 

But it was a very successful trip! And, one week later, I only have two more pieces of furniture to put together. I’m hilariously proud of building it all on my own, but it gets hard on the hands so I can only do so much in one day.

Just finished my two RAST dressers (to be stained/painted at a later date).

It’s so nice to live in a house again. And lucky for me, the rest of the house is already furnished by the other tenants. I can watch telly! I can cook a meal! I can have people over! I can bake a cake! So great. It makes your days very different when you can look forward to going home.


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