The rest of my England trip

Yeah I still haven’t shared the rest of my England trip. Soz.

Although this isn’t really the exciting stuff that people want to read on travel blog posts, I would just like to take the time to point out that British telly is excellent, especially compared with the awful drivel on American TV. When I was in London, Katie and I spent a lot of time just watching re-runs of QI and 8 Out of 10 Cats. I loved it. Anyway.

I did a ton of just wandering around central London, and it’s so fun. There’s so many historical and pretty and interesting places. Also: some quite spectacularly mis-spelled signage.

St Pancras station was a highlight. Also it was a beautiful day…

Such great colours

That’s all I can stay awake for today… (and it’s only two days of photos as well, whoops). Last night I performed in maybe my most favourite choir concert of all time (I’ll write more about that sooooooon I promissssse), and tonight I was taken out to dinner by my friend Miranda and her parents – we went to the North End and ate wonderful pasta and then went to Mike’s Pastry for cannoli. It really is completely shocking that I still find things in my life to complain about.


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