Dreaded lurgy

Thursdays are totally awesome because I don’t have class or rehearsal or ANYTHING standing in the way of a full, undisturbed day in the lab.

But last night just happened to be the time that my immune system said “Screw you and your sleep patterns. I’m outies.”

Last night I had to skip out of my only decent class, where they give us beer and pizza every week while we chat with faculty members in the department, to go blow my nose for like 20 minutes. And to top it off, because my brain is clearly congested along with my sinuses, I apologized to this week’s faculty member by saying “I’m really sorry, I have a snotty nose”. Yeah for reals, that’s what came out of my mouth. Shame.

And today, instead of a day of pipetting like a champion followed by a hilarious evening at the Ig Nobel awards, I’m in bed surrounded by tissues. Hey, at least I have loads of math homework to distract myself, right?

Let’s not even talk about the fact that Radiohead are playing in NYC tonight. Sigh.


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