Bits and bobs

1. Last weekend I went to Haymarket with a group of people from the res halls. We were promised cheap fruit and vegetables, and we weren’t disappointed…

Veges galore

...and fruit

Sadly those were the only photos I got, because the vendors gave me the side-eye, and I decided it was best to move on.

I was going to go back today, but my jet lag finally caught up with me and I slept until 11am. Maybe next week…

2. One thing that gave me the giggles this week: Butter stamped with the Harvard crest

Just in case we needed a reminder

3. I started jonesing for a haircut, so I went to one of those walk-straight-in, no-appointment-necessary, cheaper-than-it-ought-to-be places. I figured, since most of my haircut is buzzed, it wouldn’t matter too much if I went somewhere dodgy. And turns out I was mostly correct, although my stylist wasn’t particularly troubled with the concept of symmetry.

4. Imagine my delight (well, maybe only my mum will be able to, but just try) when I found that you can still get Twinings COP Tea here! And then my subsequent disappointment when…

...teabags. Such a let down.

5. My first hurricane! I don’t think it’s much to be concerned about here, but still, it’s kind of exciting.

6. Presented without comment: While I was ordering a drink the other night, a guy sidled up and told me that my haircut was “giving everyone heart palpitations. Just thought you should know.”

Miss you all xo


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