They let me in, but not without putting me in my place

Just arrived in USA a couple hours ago.

So the nice gentleman at immigration control in LAX said to me “It’s gonna take you six years??!! If the doctorate takes you six years then maybe you don’t deserve it.”


It’s not particularly wise to argue the point with people who have the power to prevent you entering the country, so I refrained from informing him that the average number of years it takes to complete a doctorate in the USA is seven (source: Wikipedia, where else?).

But whatever, I’m in!  And I’m totally wrecked!  I’m interested to see how long I stay lucid. No sleep on the plane. By New Zealand time it’s 3.30am, and I’ll arrive in Boston in another 8 and a half hours. I expect no sleep between now and then. Obviously, I’m struggling to form proper sentences. And I can’t feel my bum.

From the tiny glimpse I caught of LA, it looks insanely smoggy this time around (it was back in April, too, but I could barely see the city this time). And when I walked from the international terminal to the domestic one, I almost choked. But it’s beautifully sunny and warm here so I guess that’s the silver lining – I can say that now that I’m in nice filtered air again…

In closing, bedtime is going to be flippin’ glorious.


2 thoughts on “They let me in, but not without putting me in my place

  1. OMG, what an awful thing for the immigration control officer to say! He’s a jackass. Six is standard. He thinks it should be less because they have a 9-week basic training course and then they get to carry a gun and stand around in airports.

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