Seven sleeps

One week until I fly out! At this stage I think I’m pretty much ready to go, but I’m terrified I’ll forget something really important on this end, like forget to pay a bill or something and then end up in hot water once I’m out of the country. Must make more lists! LISTS!

I got a very expensive fake tooth yesterday (the culmination of 4 years of troubles on that tooth, including countless hours being terrorised by dental students [DON’T DO IT – real dentists are worth every penny]), and promptly celebrated the end of my dental work saga with some apple cider while working on my manuscript.

So this morning I’m feeling pretty relaxed and content with the world. It’s sunny in my mum’s house, and the dog is sleeping at my feet with his head resting on my foot.

Arlo resting his tired head on my feet

He’s pretty stoked because he got Aunty Tamsin’s bacon rind from her breakfast this morning! He lifts one of his front paws to say “please” when he really wants something – it’s pretty cute.

As nice as it is up north, I do miss Dunedin quite a lot. It still hasn’t quite sunk in that it’s not ‘home’ any more. Inspired by these cushions I saw on the internet the other day, I’ve decided to make an embroidered cushion featuring all of my favourite spots in Dunedin. I’m working on the design at the moment and intend to get to work on it when I’m in the states. Any suggestions from readers for features to be incorporated?


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