Two more sleeps…

This week has been as frantic as the last, but it’s been fun, too. Played a fun set at Chicks hotel with Sir Rorschach and the other Tigermoths, followed by having to say goodbye to two of the band members because they’re away this weekend… sad. It was a great send off, and the lovely Beckie is preparing a CD of video she took on her iPhone so we’ll have some youtubes up soon!

Today I slept in until well past midday and have spent the afternoon packing and trying to get rid of even more of my belongings. I will be so glad when I have packed everything and don’t have to give away or sell any more of my possessions. At the same time, though, it’s freeing to downsize my collection of stuff! My plan for being in the US is to keep my number of belongings to a minimum.

This week I have also been trying to visit all the places in Dunedin that I will miss – The Flying Squid, Modaks, Willowbank Dairy, the Botanic Gardens…. So many things to do and so little time!


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