Final week in Dunedin

It is less than one week until I leave Dunedin for good. Scary!

It’s been a busy time leading up to my departure – this past weekend the City of Dunedin Choir put on a performance of Walton’s Belshazzar’s Feast.

Fantastic piece of music, but it was a lot of hard work learning and performing the piece. It required every ounce of energy we had – there were 6 rehearsals in the week leading up to it, and the performance itself was a proper work-out. Tonight we had our first choir rehearsal since the performance, and it felt like such a luxury singing things that we can actually sight read. It was my last choir rehearsal and I am sad to leave – there is a really awesome community spirit in that choir and I shall miss it.

In two days the 60s cover band I play in are playing at Chicks Hotel in Port Chalmers – I’m quite excited to be playing at Chicks, I hope the wharfies like it! Haha. At some stage soon I hope to have some video from the last gig at Dowling St Studios, and when I do I’ll chuck it up here for you to eyeball if you wanna (probably just Mum, but still).


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